lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

DIGITAL MEDIA's roll in the situation of JAPAN

There are two weeks since the tsunami of Japan devastated the country. The 11th of March this was my first notice of the catastrophe . “I am shock”. It was my first reaction. I was living the catastrophe trough my screen of the computer.

But of course apart of thinking about tons of people that were affected and all houses that were devastated because of the waves’ force, I was thinking “how incredible and important is the digital media as a support of the information!”  With the evolution of the digital medias we are participating of what it is happening in our “global community”.  This days I was watching the news that "El país" , "Reuters", "The New York Times" trough my computer to see how the situation was going on and I could read new information each 5 minutes.  
I find very important the roll that the new medias are taking in the global facts that are happening nowadays. Few years ago we couldn’t get informed about what was happening in other parts of the world by the same way that we can do it now. Now we have videos, which not just professional people make, not just journalists are the intermediate of the fact and us, but people are able to make a recording and send trough social networks as twitter or facebook in a real time.
I just wanted to make myself think and make you also think about the importance for the essence of information, for the essence of feedback, the digital media and internet as a way of make people more interactive and more active with what it is happening around them.

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  1. Japan is living a disaster. And we don´t know exactly what is going on over there. France said that radiactivity is much higher than japan governance say. Time will tell

  2. It seems to be the hot topic among students of journalism in our university. It is outrageous the situation in such countries, and already was commenting on other sites as frustrating situation that can be. A pretty good research.

  3. What I hate the most is the by-all-known fact that Japanese Government is not telling all the truth the world need to know. And I don't agree with the comment of "time will tell"; who has to tell it are authotities, and the sooner, the better. Enough is enough of lying population!